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Charity Raffle 2022

The Charity Raffle 2022 returned after a two-year-absence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the generous support of S.K.H. churches, schools and social service units, and members of the public, from 16th October to 8th December, the Welfare Council raised more than HK$4.6 million. Proceeds from the event went to developing community support services and providing resources for various groups.   The online platform for Charity Raffle was newly launched this year, allowing benefactors to purchase raffle tickets and make donations online at anytime and anywhere. In addition to selling tickets and collecting donations, the Welfare Council included Charity Egg Biscuits, produced in collaboration with the Walnut Shop again, and cute and cuddly Charity Bear as charity sale items.   Some members of the advisory board, sponsors, representatives from S.K.H. churches and schools attended the 9th December lucky draw of Charity Raffle event, which was held at the H.K.S.K.H. St James’ Church David Li Community Hall. During the event, the Welfare Council also presented sponsors with tokens of gratitude, and commended and thanked the S.K.H. churches and schools that raised the most funds, and achieved the greatest increase in funds from the previous year.   Mrs Patricia Lau, Chief Executive Officer of the Welfare Council, presented Mr Benny Lau, representative of the Walnut Shop (right), with a souvenir for sponsoring the event.
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" Keep it up! Fighting Against the Epidemic" Donation Programme

" Keep it up! Fighting Against the Epidemic" Donation Programme   The Welfare Council will remain committed to our multifaceted efforts to fight against the epidemic. At present, we are devoted to assisting elders from grassroots households who have recovered from previous COVID-19 infection, especially those from low-income and CSSA households, in treating their long-haul COVID symptoms.   Many of the recovered COVID-19 patients, particularly elders with existing long-term illnesses, experience symptoms such as insomnia, heart palpitations, dizziness, weight loss, lack of appetite, loss of taste and smell, coughing, sore throat, deterioration of swallowing function, extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, chest tightness, memory and concentration decline, lower limb weakness, depression, and anxiety. Some elderly home residents, who were previously hospitalized or in quarantine facilities, are also plagued by pressure sore and deterioration of overall body functions, with some even having to rely on nasogastric tube feeding.   As part of an effort to help them, we sincerely invite all parties to make a donation or donate dietary supplements. Your support can facilitate the speedy recovery of elders from grassroots households and take away their pain caused by illnesses. We sincerely hope that you can share the love of Christ by sending your blessings to those in need.   Enquiry: Tel: 2533 1296 Email: donation@skhwc.org.hk
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" Keep it up! Fighting Against the Epidemic" Donation Programme

" Keep it up! Fighting Against the Epidemic" Donation Programme Elderly and Rehabilitation Homes Urgently need Your Support     With the severe epidemic in the Hong Kong territories, the 9 elderly homes and 3 rehabilitation homes under the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, with over 1,200 workers and 2,000+ residents, are in dire straits. We urgently need donations to meet the following special expenses.     1️⃣ The manpower market for the Homes is very tight. The Homes need to hire temporary workers at 2-3 times the salary together with additional hardship allowances for staff working in the infected areas and accommodation subsidies, resulting in a significant increase in frontline labour costs.      2️⃣ To protect our staff and residents, we need a wide range of anti-epidemic supplies on an ongoing basis, including the Rapid Test Kits, Oximeters, disposable gowns, eye protection, protective caps, face masks, surgical masks, disinfectants, etc. We also have to pay for expensive disposal costs of the medical wastes.     3️⃣ To ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of the service units, there is an ongoing need for funding to hire qualified suppliers to disinfect the units thoroughly.   Please donate to support us via  (1) Online donation       *(2) Donation by crossed cheque Make payable to : "Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited"     *(3) Bank transfer to the following bank account under the "Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council" The Bank of East Asia:015-514-10-407766-1     *Please send the cheque or bank-in slip to 12th Floor, 112 Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, attention to Ms. Lillie Ching, Resources Development Manager. Also, please indicate " Keep it up! Fighting Against the Epidemic" Donation Programme" on the envelop. If you need official receipt, please leave your name on reciept, address and contact numbers to us.   Enquiry: Tel: 25331296 Email: donation@skhwc.org.hk
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